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vCard Exporter: Export Outlook Contacts to VCF (vCard)

Export MS Outlook contacts list into VCF file format for smart phones and other devices

  • Before discussing how to convert Outlook contacts to vCard, it is must to clear with why you do this. If you know the reason, go through the third paragraph or else read the second paragraph.
  • vCard has been designed to store contacts. It is a standard file format for electronic business cards. The VCF file format allows users to view contacts of Outlook on their smart devices like Blackberry and smart phones. You cannot directly see Outlook contacts on your mobile. The automatic file format of Outlook is PST that cannot be opened in your phone. VCF is the file format that can access on your device. It means you can see your Outlook contacts on smartphones.
  • MS Outlook is an ultimate email client for email management. It stores your contact and allows you work smoothly.

Key Features of vCard Export Wizard

Export Outlook to vCard

Export Outlook to vCard

vCard is a convenient way to exchange personal information. MS Outlook PST contacts can be transferred to VCF format. Instead of searching manual way to convert Outlook contacts to vCard, it is smart to use PST to VCF application. It is a sophisticated program to download. The tool has wide varieties of features to make your data sharing experience exceptional.

A few simple steps to achieve export task

Convert Outlook contacts to vCard takes just a few simple steps and the rest is automatically done by the tool. Open the program, choose the contacts you want to export and give one by one or bulk migration command. That's it.

Easy to Handle

Easy to handle, without much technical support

As the application has a few steps to remember, it doesn't require much technical assistance. Yet you need tech help, call the customer care service of the software to get step by step help.

Bulk export

Wishing to share lots of contacts at once, follow the bulk command migration. It is so simple. The facility is provided considering your commercial requirements where you need Outlook contacts in bulk.

Bulk Export

Providing safe export of data

Assurance of safe migration is provided by the program. No file loss or damage is occurred.


Convert Outlook contacts to vCard is available at a cheap rate. It means it is affordable. You can easily manage to buy the program without considering much about your budget.


Software FAQS


Exporting all contacts from Outlook is easy task with this tool. Simply select your PST files and Export all contacts from PST to VCard file format.


Yes, you can export contacts from any Outlook version, only browse your PST files and export contacts in VCF file format.

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