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Split PST File into Smaller Parts using Outlook PST Splitter

Outlook PST Split Tool is a sophisticated program to download for Outlook users using PST format to get safe and easy division of big PST files into smaller sizes.

Split PST Process
  • Split any size of PST files both Unicode and ANSI.
  • Quality of PST files are intact, no data loss is occurred.
  • 3 options to divide PST files- year, size and folder.
  • Capable to split archives PST files as well as all items stored in PST.
  • Corrupted PST files need to fix before division.
  • MS Outlook is install during division of big sized PST files.
  • Compatible to MS Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013.

Prominent Features of Split PST Software

Safe division

Safe Division of Big Sized Outlook PST Files

The tool is designed to break big-sized PST files or folders without any complication. It is required to split either PST with Unicode or ANSI, easy split of Outlook files are performed by the tool, keeping Meta properties, content and structure of the data intact.

Split Outlook PST in Three Different Ways

Choose your way to break PST files. The tool provides you three different ways to split Outlook PST file: • Split by Size • Split by Folder • Split by Year.

Different Splitting Options
Split According to Year

Split PST File According to Year

You can to split large Outlook data files according to year the task as the app breaks PST files by year. It splits a PST folder into multiple parts according to the selected year for example, 2010 to 2014 split PST files means you will have 5 files according to year.

Split PST File According to Folder

Outlook PST Splitter gives users the facility to divide archive/PST Outlook files or folders as per folder. The option allows users to divide large PST files into smaller files for according to its folder.

Split According to Folder
Split According to Size

Split PST File According to Size

Outlook PST Splitter performs file division as per the size you have decided for a file. Selecting this option will let you split large Outlook PST file and you can select any range to divide it accordingly.

Make New Folder to Save PST

Save PST files after splitting to your desired location. The application allows users to create a new PST file to save the split data in the folder.

Make New Folder
Generate Log Report

Log Report

When all the selected PST files or folders are divided, Outlook PST Splitter creates a log report or comparison report as CSV which includes folder path, folder name etc… to gives users the space of comparison of quality of files.

Free Trial

Try Split PST Pro demo version which is available for all people who are interested or intended to buy the product. Try the demo version to know the features of the app closely and examine them freely.

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Software FAQS


Yes, you can install split PST on all the versions of Microsoft Windows (8 and 8.1).


Split PST software split only healthy files. If you want to split corrupt or damage PST file, you have to first recovered it into healthy from our outlook recovery software then you will be able to split.


Yes, to run the software properly you need to have MS Outlook environment. Install the Microsoft Outlook on your machine of any version of Microsoft outlook with a valid/dummy profile.


Accurate execution is a guarantee of this software. It depends on the size of the file that how much time software takes to finish the task.


PST Splitter split file as per the size you have decided for a file. By selecting this option you will be able to split large Outlook PST file and you can divide it simultaneously.


Of course, this splitter enables you to use split files on any version of Microsoft Outlook.

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