Image to PDF

Image to PDF is a professional tool. It is a must-have program for both home and office users so that they can convert any number of images into single or multiple PDF files easily and in less time. Image to PDF tool is loaded with wide varieties of features to easily transfer images into PDF format so that you can share them to the internet.

You backup files may get corrupt easily. To save your important images and share them easily, all you require to assimilate them into one file and for this what is better than PDF format. It is a universally adopted format. You can convert your important event images to PDF format to save them from any kind of damage. It is all because PDF files are less prone corruption. They can easily be sorted. It takes less time to open. These days, there are many restrictions to share images over the internet. To keep yourself away from any type of loading problems to images, you can take help of image to PDF transfer. It efficiently converts all types of image formats to PDF with just a few clicks such as JPG, BMP, TIFF, PNG and so on… Image to PDF supports all available versions of Windows OS.

Salient Features

Additionally, there are many features that make the Image to PDF conversion tool advance and professional. It gives users freedom to choose the position of an image. They can choose either horizontal or vertical alignments. Image quality can be chosen from best, medium or low. Page size can be chosen such as A4, A5 etc… Try the Demo Version We offer you to try the demo version of Image to PDF software. The demo version is free. It allows you to examine closely the efficiency of this advance software. After getting satisfaction from the free version, you can feel free to purchase the full version of the software which is available at an affordable price.