Calc Recovery

OpenOffice Calc is the all-purpose spreadsheet. It encourages collaborative working environment by allowing sharing of a spreadsheet option. Calc saves files in .ODS format. In case, ODS files get corrupt and damaged due to Windows OS failure, virus attack, software corruption and various other unseen reasons, you can use Calc Recovery Software. It is able to repair the damaged, corrupt and inaccessible ODS files with full accuracy. The software has many great features that can astonish users.

Salient Features


Calc Repair tool is designed to recover your damaged and inaccessible Calc files. It is a user friendly program that doesn't need end user support to run it efficiently. The repairing tool repair ODS files with top accuracy. It is a safe program that you can trust to recover ODS files data such as text, images, graphs, numbers and notes. The recovering speed is fast. The recovered files are saved into a newly created file. During recovery, Calc Repair Tool saves the formatting of the recovered files.

Demo Version

Free demo version of Calc Recovery program is available. You can try the demo version to evaluate the efficiency of the program. There are some restrictions of the free version.