Access Repair Utility

Microsoft Office Access is an ultimate database management system. It allows users to create tables, forms, queries and reports. MS Access supports .MDB and .ACCDB file format. Virus attack, software malfunction, abrupt system shutdown, hard disk problems and several other unseen issues can corrupt and damage your MS Access files. In case, your .MDB and .ACCDB files get corrupt, don't get panic. MS Access Recovery software will help you. It recovers the error messages that usually generate while accessing the damaged .MDB and .ACCDB files:

Top Features of MS Access Recovery Software

MS Access Repair software restores corrupt and damaged .MDB and .ACCDB files with complete accuracy

The program is capable of restoring key internal data structures such as primary keys, auto-number, field sizes and much more effortlessly

MS Access Repairing tool is able to get back your important OLE data, Memo data, original data format, tables of .MDB and .ACCDB files

The program supports LivePreview technology to display the previews of the damaged, corrupt and inaccessible MS Access database files

MS Access Repairing tool is capable to regaining the corrupted and damaged Access files protected with passwords; only when you know the password of these files.

It is easy to operate the program all alone as MS Access Recovery is self-descriptive software

The software is compatible with all available versions of MS Access 95, 97, XP, 2007 and 2010. It runs efficiently in all versions of MS Windows OS except Windows 9X and ME

MS Access Recovery software performs thorough scan of inaccessible, damaged and corrupt .MDB and .ACCDB files to extract internal database of these files. It is an advance program that gives you assurance of recovering MS Access data with complete accuracy.

Free Trial

The free version of MS Access Recovery software enables you to examine the efficiency of the software. The demo version performs in the same manner that the full version of the program performs, but it will not allow you to save the recovered file. Purchase the full version of MS Access Recovery from us. It is available at an affordable price.