Zip Recovery Software

Zip files are used to store large amount of information in compressed file format. In other words, a Zip file is an archive file format. It is compatible with Windows OS versions, therefore folders and files are stored efficiently in exchange and local servers of MS.

But like other storage files, Zip files may get damaged, inaccessible and corrupt. It may be due to hardware and software problems such as virus attack, hard disk corruption etc… You have received some error messages while going to open the corrupt Zip files such as file is corrupted, CRC errors, corrupt Zip archive etc…

Losing Zip files can be a huge loss to many because people use ZIP as a great storage file. There is no to disappoint, you have still a hope to get back your damaged Zip files. Zip Recovery Program helps you to recover your inaccessible Zip files effortlessly and quickly. It is an advance program that is loaded with high-end additional features.

Key Features

Trial Version

The free trial version of Zip File Repair program is available. You can download the free trial version from us to briefly examine its efficiency. The trial version works similar to the full version. The only difference is that the trial version of Zip File Repair software prevents users to save these files. Feel free to purchase the full version after getting satisfaction from the trial.