VHD Recovery

A Virtual Hard Disk is a file format that stores the whole content of a hard drive. Sometimes data corruption of VHD can put you into trouble. In this situation, you are recommended to use VHD Recovery Tool. It is an advance tool that offers to repair the damaged, corrupt and inaccessible VHD files. The program is imbibed with various advance features that can thrill you.

Salient Features


VHD Recovery Program is a sophisticated tool that swiftly repairs VHD files created using Windows 7, 2008 R2 and Hyper-V. It recovers files with accuracy. VHD Recovery tool recovers NTFS and FAT file systems on VHD by the help of Microsoft's virtualization solution. The program is capable of handling issues related to the use of Windows Hyper-V VHD files conveniently. This feature allows the software to perform recovery of VHD files all alone.

VHD Recovery Tool is designed to save your corrupted data which is corrupted due to failing of physical storage and transporting files over failing or faulty networks. The tool supports 3 scanning modes to repair the damaged and corrupt VHD files.

Quick Scan

It is the fastest mode of recovery that does scanning of the VHD well and retrieves the corrupt files and folders. Quick Scan is suitable for minor corruption in Virtual Hard Disk.

Extensive Scan

The mode is used when you need to recover the highly corrupted files of VHD. It performs thorough scan of the corrupted files to repair the damaged data well. The Extensive Scan is recommended when Quick Scan fails to recover the highly corrupted files of VHD.

File Trace

It is a powerful mode to recover the whole corrupted and damaged files from VHD. It is a highly recommended mode when both the above mentioned modes fail to work.

Try the Trail Offer

We offer you to try the software free demo version to evaluate its capacity. After that you can decide to purchase the full version that is available an affordable price.