VirtualDJ Home for Mac

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VirtualDJ Home for Mac Free Download

The app is favourite of those Mac users who want to organize and configure various DJ apps using in the Mac platform. The utility has found its own identity in the online world. It is one of the most popular DJ apps, targeting users who want to learn the skill of mixing music. The simple user interface and easy to operate feature allows you to just drag and drop music files into the main pane to mix them in your own style. It creates home based music mixes. It supports two controllers to mix and control two songs.

To find control on mixing, it has knobs, sliders and some other sets of buttons. It supports various other cool features like looping, beat lock and beat matching to make song mixing a fun and easy process.

If you are not so tech savvy, you may need a bit time to get command over the app but as you get grip it is easy to take out more from the app. Users can add a lot effects in the mixing. One of the best things about the software is that it is free and has lots of features. It has no match with other DJ apps. Mixing, remixing and scratching are easy to follow. Users can create their own MP3 mix songs. It has been downloaded by a number of Mac users. The history of the software is a decade old. Many renowned DJs use the cool app. Support to a large number of downloadable skins lets you customize the look and feel too.

Client Review

Stef Mac

It's good but needs work. I'm using it on the Samsung galaxy note 8 .One thing you guys should do is make it possible for us to view the AUTOMIX list. I use this app as a remote in the beginning of the night while I'm speaking to customers socializing. Loading tunes on the fly to the AUTOMIX list.

Christopher Strachan

O M G! so much fun and easier to mix and remix songs with on the fly. Not as good as a actual controller but perfect for starting dj's who can't afford a controller yet. A Bit of a tricky setup but if you know virtual dj program then its a breeze. Was easy for me because i remember seeing about the...

Ronald Montes

Dude, I very rarly will give five stars. But, I am a novice DJ and I love techno music. I was going to go out and buy a expensive controler, and I still am when I can afford it and I become more skilled, but it is hard to control or really get into it with just a mouse. And, I really didn't think...

String Bender

Worthless on Galaxy S3 Really wanted this to work. Spent hours trying to get it to connect. Chat Support at VDJ was a joke. Once you get in their queue your position actually INCREASES not DECREASE S