Team Viewer for Mac

(Non-Commercial Freeware)


Team Viewer for Mac Free Download

This is a useful utility for Mac users who are looking for remote access of desktop through the internet. Like Windows' Team Viewer, the Team Viewer for Mac allows others to access your desktop. This tool is primarily used by technicians to fix issues of Mac users remotely. Today, the app has been downloaded by millions of Mac users for sharing screens, remote access to computers and conducting virtual meetings.

The powerful utility establishes connection with any Mac system if the internet connection is running smooth. Make sure your partner has also downloaded the software. It has lots of incredible features.

  • Easy to install, needs little technical assistance to run and control
  • Allow control computers remotely through the internet connection
  • Capable to record your session that you can play back later, this feature is very helpful while any error is fixed by remote access
  • Allow conducting online meeting
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Drag and drop features to easily transfer files

Client Review

Bosa Djo
The Gambia

Tip for other users: If the remote connection is laggy try lowering your device resolution e.g. less than 1080p. Review: For now the app decent. The only slight inconvenience is when I open the host app, then when I close all apps in the recent apps screen it also closes TeamViewer's connection.

Jordan A

Seamlessly works with Samsung S6. A little bit of lag but that's expected over 4G. Able to access my phone while I am away from it without issues. You can also use the TeamViewer desktop app to access your phone instead of using the web interface. PROTIP: The password requested to access

Zane Ross

Have to enable Samsung Knox to use this app with a Note 8. Problem is, even afyer enabling Knox, when I try to remote access this deceive Via TeamViewer / Host, it crashes my phone and reboots. Uninstalled.

Jeffrey Thompson

Why is it that you have add-ons freely available for nearly every device. But, when I want one for my ASUS tablet it is only available for business customers. Seems like a big middle finger to ASUS users. At this point this complaint has been up long enough it should have been addressed by now.