RockMelt Free Download

t’s a free browser, based on Chromium. The utility is useful with rich and fast browsing experience. Because of its powerful social networking integration, it offers a fresh and more instinctive social web experience for users.

One of the best parts of the app is that it can be customized to meet the specific browsing needs of users. The browser provides amazing social integration by letting you easily share links, chat and publishes Facebook updates directly from within the browser.

Apart from that it has a powerful search toolbar to offer instant browsing. It also has an efficient and simple tool that goes well with this feature called ‘Add as Tab’. It allows you to browse the searched results in different tabs. This feature makes browsing experience rocking and smooth.

RockMelt gives support to bookmarks to tag your favourite sites. It also gives support to apps and has automatic sync for feeds.

Overall, RockMelt is one of the best web browsers to choose for Mac users. It keeps you connected with social networks. It supports strong search and amazing web browsing. The app is easy to install, takes just a few seconds to install.

Client Review

Worst Browser Ever

hello how are you you well ok then good but I want decargar as delivery can link Pros: Rockmelt but that only the best Rockmelt Cons: Google chorme = Rockmelt best equal ready

Kurt Ross
United States

I have been using this for years! Absolutely no issues what so ever! The best web browser I have ever used!

Tiffany Ruby
United States

Sounds great to me, now I gotta find the D/L button. LoL. Sounds great to me! Now I gotta find the D/L button. LoL I just can't seem to locate it. I'll give it a whirl, and letcha know if I digs it or not. Pros: The reviews I read. Cons: I can't find the D/L button.

Aldo Colombo

I would like to rate 5 out of 5 stars to this application. The application has a smooth experience of browsing and it takes few seconds to install the tool.