Picasa for Mac 3.9



Picasa for Mac Free Download

It is a cool software for those Mac users who want to instantly locate, edit and share pictures on their systems. Whenever you open the photo editing tool, it automatically locates all your pictures, even those pictures that you forgot you had. You will find yourself to organize and sort these pictures by date with a folder name you will recognize. It has simple drag and drop feature to easily pick albums and arrange them the way you wish. Users are allowed to make labels to create new group.

Picasa offers amazing photo editing and organizing features. It lets you to organize your pictures. In terms of editing, Picasa offers advance editing in a simple manner by putting one-click fixes. Editing pictures will be at your fingertips. The Mac photo editing tool allows you to easily share your pictures on blogging sites. It allows you to email, print and create CDs of photo albums. Overall, this is one of the best free photo tools to have. It quickly downloads and performs smoothly. It has been downloaded and tried by several Mac users across the world.

Client Review

Steve Thompson
Dominican Republic

Great app to view Picasa albums on my phone and tablet. Didnt work on my Android Tv. The images dont highlight and the app doesnt fully support the Tv remote. It would be great to have this app on the Android Tv too

A Google user

Good for viewing but why pay for License when it does not allow you to make changes. Customer support non-existent. Two inquires and crickets. May be a dead app.

Pawel Koksanowicz
united kingdom

It could be better... I used a lot but I try to use on my phone but u want access to my contact...? Why ? Well u got locations etc n now my contacts ? No thank you