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Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac

It is one of the most terrific remote desktop clients for Mac users. The utility is available to install at free of cost. The Mac version tool works seamlessly across the systems. Setting up the software is so easy. You don’t need to take help from any third party or technical expert. The Mac version assists you to connect your PC to your Mac. Users of the cool app simply need to open the main dialog box and enter the network ID of the system that they like to connect. And the connection is established rapidly. The users can also establish connection with other computers by entering the right name of the targeted computer. The process is quite simple.

The user of the app needs to ensure that the terminal service is activated to the systems that they want to connect otherwise the connection will not establish or get rejection. It is also possible to configure personal preferences. In this context, the hard drive accessible to both the machines.

The interface of the app is slick. It gives support to verities of configuration options which makes it a cool choice for Mac users.

Client Review

Andrew M.

T3 things: first, there's some keyboard mismatch and I'm going through hell to type the exact characters, because it types what it wants, not what my keyboard says. Second, if you are in a session and must switch to another app and back, sometimes the resolution is wrong this is good software thanks you

Tony Arbour

Works okay but this keyboard doesn't work properly. If you type a forward slas it comes up with a number sign. There are a few other symbol that are also buggy.

Brandon Allison

The iOS version works perfectly while the operting system version is broken. The mouse does not click on the correct location, the display resolution and scaling needs to be adjusted for every server, while the iOS version didn't needed to be touched.

Sand Dune Hytry

Unrealistic to try to set up as a personal not techincal savy. After trying to use multiple sources, I've decided this app is not worth the frusteration. There needs to a tutorial or real help, because unless you have a windows good luck connecting to a mac