Google Earth for Mac Free Download

The free app easily installs on Mac. This is an interesting app to download because it will change the way you look at your own planet. It gives you amazing experience to see your earth. You can think of to view satellite imagery, terrain, maps, 3D buildings and many more. It allows you to explore out rich quality geographical content, drop pins to mark locations, save your toured places and share them easily. It is suggested to use the app on the latest versions of Mac which support good bandwidth.

Get view of the ocean

Explore your ocean. It offers you to plunge the floor of the sea, get exclusive content from the app’s partners such as National Geographic.

Discover How the Global Changes are Going On

If you wish to discover how your surroundings has changed, the app will take you to the past geographical environment of your surroundings.

Explore the World with Just a Few Clicks

Turn on the tour feature and see the world. Personalize the tour by adding a narration or soundtrack. It is really an amazing utility to install.

Client Review


This map is excellent only for the prime cities of the world. When I saw the 3d image of India, it was very bad and was the same as 2d image. On comparing it with the images of chicago, paris etc. one can find that the app isn't able to project the same images for the cities of india.

Aleisha Fernandes
United States

It's a nice app, except for that it does not show India and a few other places in 3D...India is projected in 2D...this problem needs to be solved. Also, I would like if it enabled a 'Night View' option. This app would be great would be great with such features.

Ivan Latendresse
United States

Five stars is what this app deserves. The graphics are quite goodbut the images are not live.near my place, I can't even see my own home because the picture was maybe taken 5 or 10 years ago. I request Google to improve on this problem.

A Google user

I can't do anything with this app. It's at least 3 years old. You would think with a Google Pixel 2 XL a Google app would work great. Everytime I try and do something it freezes. I might download it to my iPhone see if that's better.

United States

The first thing I do after each update is to look at Antarctica. I am very interested at what is happening there. Yet again nothing is updated and the area is still blurry.

John Russell

The satellite images are outdated, and the app keeps crashing. Please update the images and improve the stability for a 5-star rating!

Angie Duran
South Africa

I think this app must be greatest achievement of Google. But it lacks somewhere. India is not having 3D Photos. There are places like Taj Mahal ,Red Fort ,Gateway of India ,Historic Temples and many more. You should think upon it once.