Google Chrome for Mac

Google Chrome for Mac 67.0.3396.99

(Open Source)


Google Chrome or Mac Free Download

Download Google Chrome on your Mac system to make your browsing experience rich and smooth! Chrome for Mac has been designed in the sophisticated technology, supporting simple UI. It makes surfing easy, fast and secure. Constant updates make Chrome not less than Safari and other web browsers tools. Chrome is one of the most favourite web browser tools globally.

Simple UI

Google has focused to trim down unnecessary toolbar space to make browsing experience enjoyable. The browser has 3 rows. The top layer adjust tabs automatically, control close & expand windows. The middle row has 3 navigation controls (Back, Forward and Stop/Refresh). A URL box allows direct Google web search and has a bookmark icon. The third row supports bookmark folders and installed apps.

Security & Privacy

The Google Chrome allows you to browse privately by disabling history recording. Thus, it removes cookies as you shutdown the Chrome. It lets of set browsing privacy.

In terms of security, Chrome’s Sandboxing gives protection against malwares. It warns you about a suspicious site, containing malicious apps or activities.

Custom Touch

Give custom touch to the app by selecting themes and more.

Client Review

Stuart Darnley

Seriously Google, I know you're really proud of your algorithms and that the feature exists to better serve ads which are your bread and butter but, if we can't disable the suggested links on a new tab altogether can we at least bock certain topics?

A Google user

As phones get bigger, the url/search bar is becomming harder to reach so an option to put it on the bottom wouldn't hurt. I know it could be seen as copying, but I have no doubt that it would improve browsing experience, make people switch back from alternative browsers

Jerin James

Add new stunning roundable interface like kiwi browser, Add URL space toolbar in bottom of chrome and bottom url space toolbar is more easy to use. Add support background Download, and add ask what will download, change names and storage location of Download.

Josh Farley

It's all good nice and fine, but I wish I could add (or Google would add) certain features. Like site blocking and ad blocking, it gets so annoying when random ads force redirect me on websites. I have an extension on my computer for that, but my tablet is my on the go system,