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Firefox for Mac Free Download

Mozilla Firefox is a light and tidy open source that has been giving tough competition to Internet Explorer since it was launched in 2004. It has been listed on one of the popular web browsers. Although, Mozilla share for Mac OS X is lower, it is still one of the most popular browsers on the Mac platforms. There are several key factors that make the browser noticeable including interactive UI, browser speed and strong security.

Easy Browsing

Mozilla's active developers often pay lots of attention in creating simple and interactive UI to make browsing easy and quick. It has launched toolbar controls which hold settings and options. The URL box allows direct search from Google and has an auto predict/history feature known as Awesome Bar.


Mozilla Firefox supports very impressive download speed, all thanks goes to excellent JagerMonkey JavaScript engine. Firefox make browsing experience interesting. To open complex web pages and videos, the browser uses layer-based Direct2D and Direct3D graphic systems. Crash protection ensures only plugins are the reason to stop. Reloading the page tries to restart the affected plug-ins.


Firefox was the first browser featuring private browsing. The feature makes browsing more secure. Searches, history, cookies, downloads and cached content are all removed on shutdown.

Client Review

Paule ee

tried The new Private browsing, resulting in firefox refusing to accept any site as valid...………...tried everything, USELESS!

 Denis Pincic

it is ok and i need mozilla on sites.have all i need and firefox is beter than bing or else.

Deepanshu Bishnoi

this is good for networking and fastest data he stores and it is goood for us nice ntwork

Vamshi Vamshi

it does not open on fastly. very slow. always updating.its r i the waste browser i had ever seen