Apple iPhoto Free Download



Apple iPhoto Free Download

App iPhoto is a free flagship image manipulation utility for Mac users that was first introduced in 2002 to make editing, printing and sharing of images easy. The latest version of the app is advanced and user friendly. It is usually considered as a part of the iLife Suite on Mac PCs. The app offers direct import of images from your scanner or digital camera or even from the net. It saves the imported images to the iPhoto Library. It gives support to common image file formats and swiftly works with additional plugins which are most probably supported by digital cameras and scanners.

Users are allowed to easily organize their images though label. They can easily organize photos of events. It has some basic features like set brightness, contrast, resize photos, red eye filters, image cropping and many more. The UI of the app is simple. It doesn’t take much time to get grip on the app. It is considered as one of the best apps for beginners. It allows you to convert pictures into slideshows that you can enhance by adding a background sound from iTunes library. Users are allowed to share slideshows to iDVD and iMovie. They can edit the shared slide on these platforms.

Client Review

bon nob

It's good besides the whole random ads even whe you close it scenario it's kinda like those devices you buy online that are pre rooted with random ad popups

Chance Brennan

The pop ups in ad are infuriating. No option to stop it. Otherwise this app would be a 5/5

United States

this app is very nice very helpfull


Try it and you will understand, that app for I phone could be better